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How To Turn Your Brand Into A TikTok Sensation

The buzz surrounding TikTok is nonstop, but what are the real opportunities for brands to make an impact on the platform?

Recently we teamed up with our friends at MERGE for a webinar that covered everything from:

👉 Why brands need to be on TikTok in the first place

👉 How to take a TikTok-first approach to content creation

👉 How to evaluate performance

👉 Creating a case for investing in TikTok that your exec team can’t ignore

ICYMI, you can watch the full replay here. We’re also sharing a few of our best tips & takeaways below.

TikTok is an Entertainment Platform

While TikTok has been referred to as a ”social media platform”, it’s actually not – it’s an entertainment platform. But unlike streaming services, TikTok’s currency isn’t monthly subscriptions or cable packages – it’s attention. Where endless scrolling through Netflix’s seemingly endless options often ends in the user getting overwhelmed and giving up, TikTok offers discovery, serving entertaining and relevant content to users without them having to search. This makes it easy for users and has resulted in the average user spending 52 minutes per day on the app.

TikTok’s Marketing Approach Offers a Value Exchange

As a community marketing agency, Song Candy understands that adding value to the user experience is a more effective strategy than persuasion or mass messaging. Our goal is to always entertain rather than interrupt, which is why TikTok is the perfect platform for brands to leverage to enhance users’ experiences.

Brands Need to Think Like Content Creators

It may be a mindset shift for some brands, but approaching your TikTok strategy from the lens of a content creator will help you create the best, most engaging content for your audience. Think about what makes creators gain a following: a great personality, a sense of humor, and a content niche. Bringing something of value to the table for viewers to learn from and connect with.

People come to TikTok for 4 reasons:

1. To be entertained

Think about the type of content your brand can create that serves one or more of the above purposes. Ask yourself: what could be your brand entertainment value? This is the time to have fun with it! Show off your brand’s personality. Tap into something unique or funny that’s part of your company culture. Show off what goes on behind the scenes.

2. To join in

Create content with the idea in mind that your audience will want to participate and be a part of what you’re creating. A hashtag challenge is one way to involve your audience or even a video that asks people to stitch their responses.

3. To be uplifted

Cultivate community by being authentically yourself. Find those painfully relatable moments and lean into them. Additionally, consider partnering with TikTok creators who can help bring your brand’s values and mission to life. Pro tip: finding creators who already talk about and are fans of your brand is the best way to form the most authentic partnerships.

4. To discover

Did you know the hashtag #LearnOnTikTok has over 350 billion views? It’s clear that TikTok users are on the platform to learn, so why not teach them how to solve a problem? Think about the questions your audience may have about your brand and create content that provides answers.

We hope this sparked some ideas to get your brand started on TikTok, but if you’re interested in a personalized strategy, drop us a line via our website!

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As TikTok continues to dominate the social media landscape, brands have a significant opportunity to capitalize on its massive audience and creative potential. Turning your brand into a TikTok sensation requires a strategic approach that leverages the platform's unique features and user behavior. From creating engaging and authentic content that resonates with TikTok's diverse community to leveraging trending challenges and hashtags, there are many avenues for brands to make an impact. By staying authentic, embracing creativity, and understanding the platform's culture, brands can effectively connect with their audience, drive engagement, and ultimately, become TikTok sensations. Read here how to go viral tiktok:

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