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Song Candy is a TikTok Marketing Partner!

We have exciting news to share: Song Candy is officially a TikTok Marketing Partner!

We’re honored to be one of only six official partners for Custom Sound Services, which connects brands with trusted partners who can help them leverage the unique potential of TikTok's sound-on environment at scale.

As a Custom Sound Partner, we:

🎶 Create custom songs & sounds

❗ Build excitement around brand moments and hashtag challenges, and

📈 Help brands leverage the unique potential of TikTok's sound-on environment at scale

This is all directly linked to our mission to inspire participation as a community marketing agency. We accomplish this through the creation of fun and exciting campaigns, hashtag challenges, and bespoke tracks that encourage users to join in.

In working with Song Candy, brands have access to professionals in both marketing & music – providing the best of both worlds in terms of expertise, with a proven track record of success. Our approach is backed by Music Science, Trend Data + Audience Insights to give your song the “sticky” factor and actualized through a 360 marketing strategy.

“Fifty percent of users say that music makes TikTok content more uplifting, energizing and engaging — while brands that use the platform’s music-driven, sound-on ad solutions see a 120% lift in awareness,” said Christine Hunt, co-founder of Song Candy.

We’re so proud of the work we’ve done thus far with clients like P&G, Neutrogena, Kohl’s, IKEA, Intel, Sephora, Keebler – and we’re even more excited about what’s to come!

For more on our partnership check out our press release and our official TikTok Marketing Partner page!

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