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  • #SalmonRice: Rice, Salmon, Ice Cube, Microwave, Mayo, Sriracha, Soy Sauce, Avocado, Kimchi, and Seaweed. It’s the iconic recipe from Emily Mariko that everyone on TikTok cannot wait to try!

  • #CouchGuy: What started out as a girlfriend surprising her boyfriend at college, has turned into a viral TikTok conspiracy and spurred tons of videos spoofing the situation. Rod explains it best, here.

  • #Lucky: “This is a story about a girl named Lucky.” Creators are sharing their sarcastic takes on lucky situations set to the Iconic Brittany track.

  • TWINNEM: This now iconic track has made the rounds on TikTok thanks to a viral dance challenge and relatable best friend lyrics. See our deep dive on the song below.


  • TikTok: Coi Leray has got the latest viral song that’s all over TikTok with TWINNEM. And a throwback song by Sir-Mix-A-Lot has been going viral thanks to a dance challenge.

  • Spotify: Lil Nas X continues to dominate the Spotify charts with his mega viral hit, Industry Baby. And Drake has two songs in the top five (both making the rounds on TikTok), with Way 2 Sexy and Knife Talk.


TWINNEM by Coi Leray

“People let me tell you ‘bout my best friend…” are the iconic starting lyrics to Harry Nilsson’s - The “Best Friend” which is one of the most stand out songs touching on that warm cozy feeling you get when hanging with your bestie. But Coi Leray is stepping up to attempt taking its place with “TWINNEM”, a contemporary nod to that archetypal lil’ bud we all know and love.

This tune is the kind of sugar coated pop/hip hop ear candy that uses it’s “sticky power” to glom onto TikTok with a variety of duo-based dances and workout challenges forcing creators to adorn weights and inch lower and lower as the beat hits while holding their positions to intensify squat and planking exercises.

This is the kind of music/video synergy that fuels the TikTok engine and continues to emphasize why great music is an essential part of the modern branding experience. You may not be able to calculate how to make a hashtag challenge go viral, but in the world of TikTok it almost always starts with a killer song.

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