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What is A Community Marketing Agency?

Hi, we’re Song Candy! We’re proud to be a first-of-its-kind community marketing agency that specializes in community-led entertainment that earns attention and inspires action.

In the world of double-screening and endless media options for viewers to choose from, we know that attention is a precious commodity. That’s why we focus on creating strategies that are built to entertain rather than interrupt the consumer experience.

We don’t just create marketing campaigns. We work with brands to build communities through relationships that are fostered through engaging, thoughtful content and activations. We accomplish this by truly understanding your audiences’ interests and creating content that engages your niche and makes them feel as though they are a part of something bigger than just themselves.

Community Marketing is a brand growth strategy that puts the consumer first. It creates long-lasting brand love & loyalty – and it’s the goal behind everything we do.

Song Candy specializes in driving connection through three strategic areas:

Custom Branded Audio

We leverage the power of music, sound effects, and viral voiceovers to tell stories and drive emotional connection.

TikTok Strategy

TikTok is the new mecca of community building for audiences and brands. This is where passionate and engaged communities are growing every day, generating new and niche subtoks. The secret to brands finding success on TikTok? Think like a creator! We handle everything from content strategy to production, to sourcing creators, and driving organic & paid media strategy. Check out our work featured in recent press articles.

Emerging Media

Web3 is the future of community building and brand x creator collaborations. We'll help you translate your brand into the world of Web3, offering your community a new way to engage and interact through an immersive and unforgettable brand experience.


In our experience, a 360 approach is what ultimately drives the best results. While we may start with a TikTok campaign, incorporating custom music, working with creators, and supporting it with a full-funnel media strategy will help amplify efforts, generating surround sound for your brand.

And since everyone loves a good success story, let’s take a closer look at our work for our client, K18 Hair. When their new hair mask was gearing up for launch in Sephora, we partnered with K18 on a TikTok hashtag challenge called #K18hairflip, because what better way to embody the emotional benefit of hair repair in just 4 minutes, than with a hair flip? The challenge engaged TikTokers to share videos of their best hair flips for a chance to win a Sephora gift card and a K18 salon service.

To amp up the hashtag challenge, we also created a custom song for the campaign. We leveraged our internal tool to identify trending songs that K18’s target audience was listening to across TikTok, Spotify, YouTube, and more. We found their audience over-indexed in listening to artists such as Silk Sonic, Doja Cat and Lizzo. We infused these inspirations into our song to create something K18’s audience would be sure to love. The result was a retro funk pop meets hip hop track that not only helped to tell the brand’s story in a memorable way, but also inspired creative content creation with strategic beat drops & lyrical cues.

The campaign resulted in over 9.8 billion (!) views, garnered K18 over $16M in EMV for the month of December, earning them the #1 spot for top hair care brands in the US, and besting the #2 competitor by over $8M in EMV (Source: Tribe Dynamics).

Want to learn more about community marketing and how Song Candy can help? Drop us a line via the contact form on our website and let’s jam!

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